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Hello and welcome...
As you are visiting my site I presume congratulations are in order for you may be planning a ceremony or celebration!

 May I invite you to read on and learn a little of what I can offer to enhance your day?
I am privileged to conduct ..

Your wedding is a celebration! A happy celebration of who you are as individuals and as a couple.
To help create this celebration I will  give you a wedding resource package filled with sample ceremonies, readings, rituals and ideas. I hope to be working closely with both of you to create a wedding which is truly your own. It is my responsibility to organize all legal documentation and lodge it with the relevant authorities. I will  present you with an official Certificate of Marriage and a hand crafted, keepsake copy of your ceremony... ( I am also a calligrapher which comes in handy!). Included in my services are unlimited calls, emails and meetings, the use of my portable PA , microphones, signing table and chairs, as well as a wedding rehearsal close to the day.  I believe your ceremony should reflect who you are while being joyous, fun and never boring!
The Name Giving Ceremony can be viewed as an alternative christening for those who are not religiously inclined. It can be a moving and welcoming experience  if you wish to gather with family and friends to mark the arrival of the latest newcomer , or to formally name and celebrate an  older child.The Naming Ceremony can be an official welcoming of your child into our everyday way of life. It is also a joyful recognition of the role that parents, grandparents and god parents play in the child's life. This                                                                        is always a happy, uplifting ceremony.                                                                    
This ceremony is gaining in popularity as couples take the opportunity to share with family and friends the years they have spent together. It is a time to share the joys, blessings, ups and downs of a full relationship surrounded by those loved ones who love you and who may have traveled the years with you.You may choose to revisit your original wedding day with its history and memories or you may want a totally fresh experience as you reaffirm your love for each other. 

Commitment ceremonies may follow the format of the traditional wedding ceremony without any of the legal constraints. This beautiful ceremony can also take any form that the couple may wish and be as different and innovative as imagination allows.
During this celebration two people publicly declare the love and commitment they have for one another and can be declared partners for life... they may choose to exchange, vows, promises, pledges, or any words or rituals which suit them.
Typically those couples who do not wish to incorporate legalities into their ceremonies are opting for this celebration.
 .....  there is no limit to the types and number of events we can celebrate in our lives. From a birth, baby's first step, the first day of  kinder, school or college, becoming a teenager, all rites of passage, special days in our year, our love for our pets, private or public joys and sorrows to all the major and minor events we experience... let us celebrate! Let us find joy, hope and love in our precious human condition. 
May you find happiness in all your celebrations. If you need help to organize and create some of these ceremonies perhaps I can be of service.
I am one of those lucky people who loves her work, delighting in all aspects of ceremony especially the close interaction with my clients.
Choosing a celebrant is so important as the more you can trust and rely on him/her to create a ceremony which is perfect for you the less stress and the most joy you will have on the day!
                            I urge you to meet with different celebrants until you find the one you are most at ease with. Who knows? Perhaps I may be the right celebrant for you?
                                                                                            ..... Bobbi .....
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